For decades Orkay has been an outstanding contributor to the power sector with its array of technologically advanced product offerings. The range includes gears that support applications like heavy-duty vertical and horizontal mill drives, high-speed turbine drives, gear boxes in cooling towers, condensers and boiler feed pumps. Orkay Transmissions gears are extensively used in an array of bulk material handling products designed for the coal handling industry. They ensure higher standards of efficiency at every stage of processing, contributing to the overall performance of the industrial unit. Be it coal, copper, iron ore or precious metals mining, Orkay Transmissions’s knowledge of gear design and manufacturing for the mining industry offers professionals the opportunity to have one source for all of their power transmission needs. With gears that support applications like mine winders, winches, raw mills, kilns, belt and screw conveyors, bucket wheel drives, smelting equipment and vertical coal pulverising mills, Orkay ensures optimal performance levels coupled with consistency.


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